About Us

The educational technology collective is a group of students, staff, and faculty who explore the intersections of technology with teaching, learning, and education, with a particular focus on learning analytics, educational data mining, and collaborative engagement. We’re interdisciplinary, and include researchers with backgrounds in computer science, information, psychology, statistics, and more.

Interested in hearing more about what we do? Check out the projects listed below to see where you might fit, and contact the lead researcher to see what opportunities might exist for volunteering, part time work, or independent study. Or browse our github for current public codebases, or scholarly publications below, to get a sense of how we’re trying to build better education.

We meet weekly in the School of Information at the North Quadrangle building on the University of Michigan central campus.


Faculty and Staff

Christopher Brooks

Assistant Professor

Adam Patterson

Software Developer

Graduate Students

Heeryung Choi

PhD Student

Warren Li

PhD Student

April Wang

PhD Student

Anjali Singh

PhD Student

Kaiwen Sun

PhD Student

Zihan Wu

PhD Student


Nia Dowell

University of California - Irvine, School of Education, Assistant Professor

Rebecca Quintana

UM Office of Academic Innovation: Learning Experience Design Lead


Official Lab Sponsor: Quarantine Support Ball

Quan Nguyen

University of British Columbia, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Sasha Poquet

Research Fellow, Universite de Paris (CRI) and University of South Australia (C3L)


Jing Hu

Kayla Ratliff

Sean Yoon

Steven Olthoff

Pheobe Liang

Adhi Appukutty

Runhe Lu

Tim Van der Zee

Timothy NeCamp

Sagnik Roy

Sansitha Nandakumar

Wenfei Yan

Andrew Godfrey

Yiwen Lin

Yuming Yang

Shi Lu

Josh Gardner

Anant Mittal

John Penington

Anshul Aggarwal

In Son Zeng



Can’t see the publication list? Check out our google doc.

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